Corporate Social Responsibility

Tinaw flowers commits itself to undertake its operations with due regards to its employees, community and environment. Hence the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs are implemented in the spheres of ensuring work place safety, undertaking environment friendly agricultural practices and supporting the community,


At Tinaw Flower we understand the importance of managing our natural resources efficiently and conserving the environment.

We re use water from river by creating reservoir in the farm.

We have nursery site in the farm and also planted close to 350,000 trees the last years.

Our farm produce compost from the trimmed flowers.

Our Certificates

Our farm is EPHEA gold label, MPS-ABC, MPS-SQ, ETI and GLOBAL GAP certified.

EPHEA gold label certificate focuses on environmental and social standards that ensures certified growers is practicing sustainable, responsible and safe production of cut flowers.

GLOBAL GAP certification put standards on good agricultural practices for responsible farming. Accordingly, our farm is certified by complying all the set standards.

Our certifications on MPS-ABC reveals that we have the most environmental friendly cultivation. Moreover our certification on MPS-SQ and ETI confirms that our farm is providing good working condition, for employees working at the farm, as per national and international requirements in the field of health and safety.


We strongly believe in taking good care of our employees. Hence we have set our employee’s working condition as per the internationally set standard of health and safety requirements.

We provide a residence to our employees.

We provide meal to all farm staff at a subsidized price.

We have invested on onsite clinic with a well-trained and qualified clinical officer. The clinic is open to all our staff and is completely free. And we provide medical coverage to our employees as per collective agreement.


We have devoted ourselves to support our community at the vicinity of the Farm, in various forms.

We have availed fresh drinking water for more than 3000 households and schools.

We have constructed 1.6km road for the community.

We support schools by giving financial support for renovation of class rooms and by supplying school desks, chairs and desks.